Moshood Olamilekan tendered unreserved apology to Sheikh Quamorudeen Yunus for defaming him

Moshood Olamilekan tendered unreserved apology to Sheikh Quamorudeen Yunus for defaming him

Moshood Olamilekan Jimoh has tendered unreserved apology to sheikh Quamarudeen Yunus for allegedly defaming him

In order to seek redress on behalf of Sheikh Quamarudeen for the criminal defamation made by one Moshood Olamilekan Jimoh against him, ADVOCATES FOR THE OPPRESSED MUSLIMS (ADVOCOM) which is a non-governmental Organisation formed by lawyers from different parts of the country to fight for the course of justice, filed a petition at Ajuwon police Station on 27/2/21 and the defendant was summoned to the station for him to substantiate his claims as stated in the viral audio.

The preliminary investigation by the police shows that all the allegations contained in the viral audio were concocted, fabricated and without any iota of truth and that it was solely to defame Sheikh Quamarudeen in order to incite people against him.

The defendant was released on that day and an appointment was given to both parties to appear at the station on Monday 1st of March 2021 for possibility of settling the matter amicably so that it would not degenerate to crisis.

Both parties appeared at the station Monday 1st March 2021 and the meeting started around 12.00pm. in attendance at the meeting are: Barr Saheed Akinola – the representative of ADVOCOM that filed the petition on behalf of Sheikh Qamarudeen, Sheikh qamarudeen himself, Moshood, representative of Markaz Agege, the DPO and some elderly people in the community.

The audio was played by the DPO to the hearing of all that are present and questions were put to Moshood to substantiate each of the allegations made against sheikh in the audio. He was unable to substantiate any of the allegations with evidence but rather maintained that he heard them from unknown people.

At the end of the interrogation, people were given opportunity to comment and everybody in the meeting agreed that the boy concocted and fabricated the allegations without any proof. The representative of Markaz, agreed that he was their student but chastised him for the blackmail. They maintained that they neither sent nor approve of his act.

Sheikh Qamardeen was given the opportunity to address the issues raised by the boy in the viral audio and he was able to explain to the satisfaction of everybody that the boy was never their student because at the time he claimed that he paid N25, 000 for school fee in 2017, the school fees was N2,500 per term and currently the fee is N6,000 per term.

On the claim that Sheikh Collected N10,000,000 from his congregation for cemetery and still collected N 10,000,000 for the same project from Saudi without purchasing land for the cemetery. The accuser said that he heard the rumour from some people but he had no evidence. In proving that the insinuation was a falsehood, stating that the money was contributed by the people and even showed the statement of account to everybody because there is a special account for the cemetry, He denied collecting any amount whatsoever in respect of cemetry from Saudi.

On the allegation that the congregation was commanded by sheikh to pray for the death of Mudeer Morkaz, Mr Moshood recounted and said that sheikh Qamardeen did not order them to pray for his death but rather he said that the congregation should pray for him for guidance. He stated that the statement made in the audio regarding issue that he fasted for the death of Mudeer Markaz was his personal decision based on his own personal misunderstanding then that Mudeer Markaz was causing problem in Islam.

On the allegation that sheikh caused separation between a couple, gave the wife in marriage to another person, seized the ex-husband’s property and threatened to kill the man, the boy said that he heard the story from a person that heard the story from another person and he could not pinpoint his source.

Sheikh Qamardeen denied all these and explained his contribution towards reconciling the couple when they were having marital crises and when they eventually broke up but all to no avail. He further stated that the woman in question waited for more than 9 (nine years)before she remarried about 3 years ago and he couldn’t prevent her from remarrying almost 10 years after break-up from his first marriage. Sheikh further denied seizing the man’s property and challenged the police officer to go to the house and find out whom the tenants paid their rent to and they would find out that these allegations were concocted to tarnish his reputation.

When mr Moshood was asked about his claim that they were stage managed by sheikh when he gave them tattered clothes to wear and recorded them and presented them as orphans so as to get grant from Saudi Arabia.He recounted and said that he was not there when it happened and that it was one Ghanian, his friend, who told him and that the boy is no more in Nigeria and that he now has brain problem.

When Mr Moshood realized that all the allegations could not be substantiated, he admitted his guilt and apologized to sheikh Qamardeen to forgive him and promised that nit will never happen again.

However, the representative of Markaz were not happy that he apologized and one of them stood and stated that the apology made by Moshood was as if they stabbed him and that he should not have apologized even though they all agreed it was wrong for him to have defamed sheikh Qamardeen and that they did not send him to attack sheikh,

Sheikh Qamardeen has appealed to his teaming followers both in Nigeria and abroad not to fight with anybody on this matter whether online or offline that Allah has vindicated him.

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