Nigeria: Real Estate Cash Creating Opportunities that may Earn You Millions in 2021

Nigeria: Real Estate Cash Creating Opportunities that may Earn You Millions in 2021

By Barr. Saheed Akinola


 Choiceland Solicitors

Overtime, Lekki has become an important and respectable business hub and residential area of Lagos, thereby making the area very important in the real estate sector in Nigeria. Apart from serving as the residence for people buying properties in this area, buying land in Lekki Lagos also serves as an alternative credible and viable business for people seeking to invest in real estate in Lagos.

Buying a house in Lekki has also reported yielding good returns in rents for owners.  Lekki is one of the largest areas in Lagos State with various vacant lands for development. Also, there are many properties developed or developing in Lekki that are being marketed and sold to prospective buyers.


Lekki still remains the best areas to buy lands in Lagos due to the fast development of the areas and good returns it provides for real estate investors. For buying a property in Lekki, a prospective can target fast-growing areas such as Ibeju Lekki, Lakowe, Abijo, Awoyaya, Sangotedo, Ajah, Lekki Phase 2, Ikota and other suburbs within the Lekki Peninsula.

However, most of the lands in Lekki’s axis are under one government acquisition or the other; they may be released by way of excision which, is thereafter gazetted and perfected, but the ones under committed government acquisition may never be released at all, hence the need for every prospective buyer to be wary before the purchase of any property in the Lekki area.

To buy a house or land in Lekki, it is essential that due diligence and proper checks are conducted. After the proposed property to be purchased has been duly verified, appropriate documents must be prepared to evidence agreement between parties and transfer title.

LAND SPONSORSHIP: Land sponsorship has been one of the easiest way to acquire Lands and make big money in Real Estate here in Lekki Lagos Nigeria with little capital. It involves undertaking community and family projects in exchange for Land. The sponsor is expected to foot the bill on behalf of the community/family in Land Clearing, Land Reclamation, Road construction, Land Documentation etc.  The sponsor will enter into an agreement with land owner or the community as to the parcel of land he will be getting for sponsoring the project.

LAND BANKING: Land banking is one the BEST Real Estate practice that can put huge cash into your pocket either in short or long term. It involves acquiring some piece of penny selling land and selling for huge profit in a short time. Here in Lekki and its axis penny selling lands goes as low as N500k per plot and as high as N15.5million per plot depending on location and Land title. Contact us for advise!

LAND JOINT VENTURE: Land Joint Venture has been the Fastest way of making quick and huge cash from Real Estate here in Lekki Lagos. Its involves Land owner providing his or her Land while you as an investor providing funds to Build on the land and you share the profit base on the agreement. In Real Estate Land joint venture location is very important, imagine having a joint venture deal to build units of Duplexes in Lekki Phase one or Banana Island.

REAL ESTATE AFFILIATE: You may not have the financial muscle to invest in the Lekki Real Estate market as you desire but can make Millions as an affiliate introducing your friends and family members to . This involves partnering with BIG Real Estate Companies with track record of delivery. The best part is that you can work from any part of the global and still make your millions.

LAND EXCHANGE FOR CAR: This is also a good way to own some piece of Land here in Lekki and its axis. It involves trading your luxury cars in exchange for piece of land in good location. Location and land title  are very important when you are engaging in this kind of deal.

1. Always investigate properly before investing to avoid being scammed

2. Always engage the service of a property lawyer for advice and to be involved in every stage of the transaction.

3. For Land Sponsorship we will advise you never invest without meeting the families or head of the community that own the land.

4. For Land Banking always buy land with good prospect and secure your land title document without delay.

5. For Joint Venture always have good agreement with land owner before investing your money.

Saheed Akinola esq is the Managing partner of Choiceland solicitors, a property lawyer and property investment expert in Lagos, Nigeria. He could be reached through +2348032493960


We give professional advice to our clients on what, when and where to invest in landed property in Nigeria that will bring a very high returns within a short period of time. We equally assist our clients in conducting search and advise them appropriately to avoid being scammed by land owners.


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